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Dennis made some promos.

View them on this page, and your life will be forever changed.

Or something.

  • Sometimes I make TV promos. See below. I even get paid for it.                    

  • Sometimes I write movie trailers and whatnot. They pay me for that too.

  • Sometimes I cook. No one ever pays for that.

   All spots written, produced and edited by Yours Truly. 

        DemoThum.jpg (27839 bytes)     My current demo reel, ready to waste 3 minutes of your valuable time.

More spots and writing samples available a la carte - scroll down to check 'em out.

EHCteenThum.jpg (14186 bytes) In the summer of 2005 I had the pleasure of doing all the on-air bits for the launch of  Everybody Hates Chris, bringing home another Promax Gold Award. I just love those gold ladies... MultitudeThum.jpg (22958 bytes)   What do you do if you're in the happy situation of having a lot more rave reviews for your show than you can possibly use? Me, I did this.
QueSeraThum.jpg (7746 bytes)    They gave me a Promax Gold Award for my contribution to the Alias launch campaign. Alias is a hip, edgy thriller. So music by Doris Day was a natural choice.

NovemberThum.jpg (13882 bytes) Propelled by a good song by Howie Day, this is from UPN's November Image campaign.

W&GpeepThum.jpg (7875 bytes)   Some people don't want you to watch Will & Grace. But who? Find out here. GirlfriendsFinThum.jpg (12543 bytes) Here's a spot for the 2004  Girlfriends season finale. It's not "very special," but it's close. Awww....
WifeSwapThum.jpg (10454 bytes)A reality show that's actually first-rate train-wreck television. No kidding. They didn't consult with me on the name, okay? L&O_CIThum.jpg (7401 bytes) Ever notice that no one ever clips a headline neatly with pinking shears? Always with the ripping...
EndangThum.jpg (6364 bytes)  Endangered species beg for your help. Or do they? GirlfriendsPlanThum.jpg (12680 bytes) Men. They always want know...
FriendsThum.jpg (7024 bytes)  Learn how to speak Friends. BackRoomThum.jpg (7953 bytes)  A promo about an empty room. What could be better than that?
NBCUThum.jpg (8015 bytes)This presentation was shown to all the NBC employees. NBCU was an actual company program, no matter how silly this looks. SkateThum.jpg (7032 bytes)  There's a surprise in this one.
JSMThum.jpg (5956 bytes)   See the cute doggy wag his tail for Just Shoot Me. JoanGuessThumb.jpg (8869 bytes)  A tease spot. I'd tell you what show it's for, but that wouldn't be much of a tease, would it?
cityflam.gif (2757 bytes)'s scary. Very, very scary. ThievIntroThumb.jpg (10561 bytes) Another show that had attractive people in it. Weird, huh? Opera rocks.
DharDynThumb.jpg (10916 bytes) Dharma meets Dynasty. Aaron Spelling's lawyers are still pissed off about this spot. W&GupfThum.jpg (6553 bytes)Most all the funny moments from a whole season of Will & Grace in the 2-minute Upfront Presentation. Lots of fun.

If you haven't had enough fun yet, there's more spots on this page.

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