What? You haven't seen enough promos yet? Don't you have a good book to read or something?

CrossingJordanThum.jpg (7122 bytes)A segment from the NBC Fall Preview Show - it set up the season premiere of Crossing Jordan. First 9 seconds courtesy of June Wang. Thanks, June. JoanQuietThumb.jpg (10696 bytes) Sometimes the best thing a promo producer can do is to get the hell out of the way.
JSMbballThum.jpg (6459 bytes) We pay homage to the national pastime with Just Shoot Me. MMFthum.jpg (12517 bytes) An NBC reality show. Do you think there's a shocking twist? Do ya? Yeah, probably.
AmDreamsThum.jpg (7364 bytes)A recap for the second episode of American Dreams. Bring your own hankie. viewkill.gif (3120 bytes)Another scary Homicide spot.
PeacokThum.jpg (7735 bytes)Here's an animated Peacock I made on my home computer. It aired extensively on the NBC Superchannel in Europe.  GeeLegsThumb.jpg (10997 bytes)   The ABC censors won't let you show the shaving of legs before 9 p.m. We still don't know why.
3rockFamThum.jpg (7065 bytes) Family values, alien style. BobPatThumb.jpg (10838 bytes)Wow. That Bob Patterson show really sucked. But the dreadful ratings weren't my fault. Really. Click here to see the proof.
Export Wizard-1.gif (8506 bytes)Our adorable mascot, Sparky. He wants to sing you a cute little song. My voice, pirated and edited by Andy Haskins. It's a long story...